SLAMIT Hybrid Bucktails


The SLAMIT HYBRID BUCKTAIL is loaded with vibration and runs extremely deep for its relatively small size of 8”.  The SLAMIT is Weighted for a horizontal fall, that along with it’s heavy gauge French blades eliminate having to jump start your bucktail each cast.  The SLAMIT is a traditionally tied bucktail with two #5 French Blades, a Custom Handtied Starflash Silicone Skirt, a Custom Handpoured “Salt Free” Weighted 5” Tube Tail, with a size #3/0 Mustad Round Bend Treble Hook.  This bait casts like a rocket!!


Made in the U.S.A.

•JFS-01   Nickel-Black/Black/Black Tube

•JFS-02  Brass-Brass/Black/Black Tube 

•JFS-03  Nickel-Orange/Black-Orange /Black Tube 

•JFS-04  Nickel-Chartreuse/Black-Chartreuse /Black Tube

•JFS-05  Copper-Brass/Walleye/Pumpkin Tube

•JFS-06  Brass-Orange/Walleye/Pumpkin Tube

•JFS-07  Nickel-Nickel/White Shad/White 

•JFS-08  Nickel-Chartreuse/Chartreuse Shad/Chartreuse Tube 

•JFS-09  Brass-Orange/Perch/Green Pumpkin Tube 

•JFS-10  Copper-Brass/Bluegill/Green Pumpkin Tube

•JFS-11  Chartreuse-Orange/Firetiger/Chartreuse Tube 

•JFS-12  Nickel-Nickel/Black-Blue-Purple/Black Tube

•JFS-13  Nickel-Nickel /Pink Shad/ PinkTube

•JFS-14  Nickel-Green/Black/Black Tube

•JFS-15  Nickel-Black/White-Black-Nickel/Black Tube