SLAMIT Hybrid Musky Bucktails musky bucktails


The SLAMIT HYBRID MUSKY BUCKTAILS are loaded with vibration and runs extremely deep for its relatively small size of 8”.  The SLAMIT is Weighted for a horizontal fall, that along with it’s heavy gauge French blades eliminate having to jump start your bucktail each cast.  The SLAMIT is a traditionally tied bucktail with two #5 French Blades, a Custom Handtied Starflash Silicone Skirt, a Custom Handpoured “Salt Free” Weighted 5” Tube Tail, with a size #3/0 Mustad Round Bend Treble Hook.  This fishing lure casts like a rocket!!


Made in the U.S.A.

•JFS-01   Nickel-Black/Black/Black Tube

•JFS-02  Brass-Brass/Black/Black Tube 

•JFS-03  Nickel-Orange/Black-Orange /Black Tube 

•JFS-04  Nickel-Chartreuse/Black-Chartreuse /Black Tube

•JFS-05  Copper-Brass/Walleye/Pumpkin Tube

•JFS-06  Brass-Orange/Walleye/Pumpkin Tube

•JFS-07  Nickel-Nickel/White Shad/White 

•JFS-08  Nickel-Chartreuse/Chartreuse Shad/Chartreuse Tube 

•JFS-09  Brass-Orange/Perch/Green Pumpkin Tube 

•JFS-10  Copper-Brass/Bluegill/Green Pumpkin Tube

•JFS-11  Chartreuse-Orange/Firetiger/Chartreuse Tube 

•JFS-12  Nickel-Nickel/Black-Blue-Purple/Black Tube

•JFS-13  Nickel-Nickel /Pink Shad/ PinkTube

•JFS-14  Nickel-Green/Black/Black Tube

•JFS-15  Nickel-Black/White-Black-Nickel/Black Tube