RAMIT Tinsel Mag Weedless Bucktail


The RAMIT Tinsel Mag is yet another version of the very popular original RAMIT.  The RAMIT Mag has all the same characteristics of the RAMIT Mag with the addition of a reflective Tinsel Skirt.  The RAMIT Tinsel Mag is constructed on .040 Stainless Steel wire and has two heavy gauge size #5 French Blades with a Tinsel Skirt. It has a size 6/0 Gamakatsu Superline Extra Wide Gap hook, and 6” Buzz Tail Shad. With this bait rigged “Texas Style” it will come through the most difficult structure.  The RAMIT bait has great vibration, add the Tinsel flash to take it to the next level of Weedless baits.


•JFTM-01    Nickel-Black/Black

•JFTM-02   Brass-Brass/Black/Black

•JFTM-03   Orange-Black/Black Perch/Black

•JFTM-04   Nickel-Chart/Black Perch/Black

•JFTM-05   CopperBrass/Walleye/NewPenny

•JFTM-06   Brass-Orange/Walleye/Rootbeer 

•JFTM-07   Nickel-Nickel/White Shad/White

•JFTM-08   Nickel-Chart/Chart Shad/Chart

•JFTM-09   Copper-Brass/Perch/Motoroil

•JFTM-10    Brass-Orange/Perch/Motoroil 

•JFTM-11     OrangeChart/Firetiger/Chart

•JFTM-12    Nickel-Nickel/Pink Shad/White 

•JFTM-13    Nickel-Green/Black/Black

•JFTM-14    Nickel-Blk/Wht-Blk- Nickel/Blk

•JFTM-15    Copper-Brass/Wht-Blk-Gld/Blk