Replacement Tails for the RAMIT, RAMIT MAG, RAMIT TINSEL MAG, JAMIT, AND JAMIT MAG Weedless Baits

Introducing replacement tails for Janie's Custom Tackle Weedless Baits .   Buzz Tail Shads have a split belly and a sliced tail, giving them great action in the water.  These plastics by themselves rigged Texas style make a perfect weedless bait.  Buzz Tails  are hand poured, salt free and made in the U.S.A.

Available in two sizes,  4" and 6" and in six colors each.

  • BT4-BSF     Black Silver Flake
  • BT4-RBRF  Rootbeer Red Flake
  • BT4-NP      New Penny
  • BT4-WRF  Watermelon Red Flake
  • BT4-WSF  White Silver Flake
  • BT4-CSF   Chartreuse Silver Flake
  • BT6-BSF   Black Silver Flake
  • BT6-RBRF Rootbeer Red Flake
  • BT6-NP   New Penny
  • BT6-WRF  Watermelon Red Flake
  • BT6-WSF  White Silver Flake
  • BT6-CSF  Chartreuse Silver Flake