RAMIT Mag Weedless Inline Bucktail


The RAMIT Mag Weedless Inline Bucktail is a unique lure designed for fishing in the heaviest cover.  The RAMIT Mag has the same design as the original RAMIT.  However, this bait has an overall length of 11”.  The RAMIT Mag is constructed on .040 Stainless Steel wire and has two heavy gauge #5 French Blades. It has a size 6/0 Gamakatsu Superline Extra Wide Gap hook, with a 6” Buzz Tail Shad. With this bait rigged “Texas Style “ it will come through the most difficult structure.

This bait, with it’s blade and split belly plastic of your choosing, puts out an incredible amount of vibration.


Made in the U.S.A.

*JFM-01    Nickel-Brass/Black/Black  

*JFM-02     Nickel-Orange/Blk-Org/Black     

*JFM-03    Brass-Orange/Black/New Penny

*JFM-04    Nickel-Chartreuse/Blk-Cht/Blac

*JFM-05    Copper- Brass/Walleye/New Penny   

*JFM-06    Brass-Orange/Walleye/Roo   

*JFM-07    Nickel-Nickel/White Shad/White

*JFM-08    Nickel-Chart/Chart Shad/Chartreuse

*JFM-09    Brass-Orange/Perch/Motoroil

*JFM-10    Copper-Brass/Bluegill/New Penny

*JFM-11    Orange-Chart/Firetiger/Chartreuse

*JFM-12    Nickel-Black/Black-Blue-Purple/Black

*JFM-13    Nickel-Nickel/Pink Shad/White

*JFM-14    Nickel-Green/Black/Black

*JFM-15    Nickel-Black/White-Black/Bla