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Welcome to Janie's  Custom Tackle. We are excited to introduce you to an innovative company that is dedicated to all types of fishing and the great outdoors. These unique baits are designed to be fished in areas often avoided in the past.  So check out our exciting lines of Weedless fishing baits.

Great Customer Support

 When you buy one of our products, you become part of a select group of anglers. We love to hear the fish stories of our customers, and we are available to answer any questions you have about the best way to use our products. We love to share pictures of your special fish, so please send pictures!!

Our Fishing Products

Our products were developed in the waters of Northern Wisconsin, but have since been used all over the country.  All these products are tied to the highest standards using quality materials and workmanship. We stand behind each of these products, and they are all made in the U.S.A.

Janie’s Custom Tackle

RAMIT Weedless Inline Bucktails


RAMIT Weedless Inline Bucktails, are a unique  bait designed for fishing the heaviest cover!    JUST RAMIT !

RAMIT MAG Weedless Inline Bucktail


RAMIT MAG Weedless Inline Bucktails, are designed the same as the original RAMIT only with a overall length of 11”. These baits are designed to be fished for Musky, Northern and Bass.          JUST RAMIT!

RAMIT TINSEL MAG Weedless Inline


RAMIT TINSEL MAG Weedless Inline  Bucktails, have all the same characteristics as the RAMIT MAG.  With the addition of Tinsel, which makes this a unique Weedless bait.                                         JUST RAMIT!

JAMIT Weedless Inline Buzz Bait


JAMIT Weedless Inline Buzz Baits are a topwater bait with a Custom Weight System that adds a rattle to the already vibration packed lure.  Along with the single hook desig, rigged “Texas Style “ with any split belly plastic. This bait can go through the thickest lily pads and even pencil reeds without getting stuck!                                       JUST JAMIT!

JAMIT MAG Weedless Inline Buzz Bait


JAMIT MAG Weedless Inline Buzz Baits have the same design as the original JAMIT, except have an overall length of 11”. Designed for fishing Musky in the slop with a large Custom Buzz Blade and Custom Weight System. Thsee unique topwater baits are designed to go through the thickness emergent weeds!              




WHAMIT TWIN ARM Spinner baits, are unique and very versatile. It performs as well in the slop as it does over open water with a jig it or rip it action!    JUST WHAMIT!   

SLAMIT Hybrid Bucktail


SLAMIT Hybrid Bucktails are weighted heavy and loaded with vibration. This bait casts like a rocket, falls horizontal and runs deeper than most baits of its size.    JUST SLAMIT!

SLAMIT TINSEL Hybrid Bucktail


SLAMIT TINSEL Hybrid Bucktails are weighted heavy and loaded with vibration.  Now add the Tinsel and you have it all in a small sized bucktail!    JUST SLAMIT!



Custom Handtied Sucker Rigs and Circle Hook rigs are available in a variety of styles and sizes to cover all your fishing needs.   


Custom Handtied Leaders are constructed with American Fishing Wire, and are available in a variety of sizes.


Janie’s Custom Tackle is just that.... Custom!  So contact us if you have a “hot” color you want!!

Janie’s Custom Tackle is just that, Custom! So if you have a “HOT” color that you would like, please send us an email so we can discuss and get you the right product you are looking for.